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About Us
Add:No.8 Fengshou Road, Fuchun Sub-district, Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province
Welcome to guidance and business negotiation
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Integrity, strength and product quality of Hangzhou Xinlu Industries Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome to visit  Hangzhou Xinlu Industries Co., Ltd. for guidance and business negotiation.

Our Strength
Hangzhou Xinlu Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture established on March 4, 2004 with its registered address at No. 8, Fengshou Road, Fuchun Street, Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province. The company is adjacent to picturesque Hangzhou—Fuchun River—Qiandao Lake golden tour route No. 320 National Highway; and it is only 20 km away from provincial capital Hangzhou, so it enjoys very convenient water and land transportation. The company owns 13 million USD total investment, 5 million USD registered capital, over 90 million Yuan fixed assets and 50,000 m2 area at present, in which there is 30,000 m2 production workshops and 8,000 m2 warehousing area.

Our Technology
The company owns domestic advanced production equipments and testing equipments with annual production capacity of over 13 million meters of UPVC, CPVC and PVC power cable protective conduits, 10.8 million meters of MPP、HDPE、PE cable protective conduit, 3.2 million meters of carbon screwed conduit, 5.5 million meters of electric power bellows and 5.5 million meters of grass fiber reinforced plastics power cable protective conduits. With complete production equipments and large production scale, the company is integrated by production, R&D and sales and is so far the most professional manufacturer of power cable protective conduits with most complete specifications of cable protective conduits in China.

Our Production
The company follows the management philosophy of "producing superior quality products and cultivating outstanding talents" and pays attention to the development of technology products, introduction, training and employment of talents. Presently, the company has 112 staffs, including 5 technical R&D personnel, 10 senior technical and economic personnel, 15 intermediate technical and economic personnel, which together composed a production and scientific research team with strong technical force. The company has obtained multiple enterprise invention patents and utility model patents. While attaching importance to technical progress, the company emphasized guarantee and upgrading of product quality, provided advanced testing equipments and established strict quality management system. The company passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in June 2004. The products of the company have all passed national level test and authentication. The company leads the trade in term of product quality and technology.

Our Purpose
Based on the enterprise tenet of "quality first, credit foremost, management-oriented and sincere service", the company provides first class products to customers and meanwhile established and consummated "users' satisfaction system". The system is integrated by training and maintenance with 24-hour emergency response system and regular circular maintenance as the main measures to provide convenient and considerate service for the users. The company has been successively appraised as AAA credit rating unit by Hangzhou Enterprise Credit Rating Commission. The registered trademark has also been identified as "Zhejiang Province Famous Trademark". In prospect, Hangzhou Xinlu Industrial Co., Ltd. will upgrade product value, employee value and enterprise value and won the trust of the society with outstanding quality.

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